13 A Consistent Theology

Nazarite or Ebionite Christianity had a partial revival with the Protestant Reformation.

Toward a consistent Hermeneutic

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The first Bishops following James the Brother of Jesus represented the true Church for seven Generations.  The missionary journeys of Paul served to gather the lost sheep of the House of Israel who had been scattered and were remnant in and among the Roman provinces. The idea that there is such a thing as “Gentiles” is the source of confusion and error.  Gnostic teachings from the heathen quickly invaded the thoughts of the Church fathers to create a doctrinal confusion resulting in a fusion with Neo-Platonism.


Neo-platonism (or Neoplatonism) is a modern term used to designate the period of Platonic philosophy beginning with the work of Plotinus and ending with the closing of the Platonic Academy by the Emperor Justinian in 529 C.E. This brand of Platonism, which is often described as ‘mystical’ or religious in nature, developed outside the mainstream of Academic Platonism. The origins of Neoplatonism can be traced back to the era of Hellenistic syncretism which spawned such movements and schools of thought as Gnosticism and the Hermetic tradition.  https://www.iep.utm.edu/neoplato/

The result of this fusion is a method of controlling the narrative over the ages.  Whether divinely inspired or not, the doctrine laid down in the first five books of Moses can be considered the bedrock and unchangeable foundation for true true Biblical faith.  Of course interpreting this Biblical treatise called the “Torah” is the crux of the matter considering that the later “New Testament” is considered by most to be a modification in some manner of the basic structure if not a completely new interpretation.

As with any problem it is possible to come to a basic understanding of the workings using structured analysis.  The Torah claims to be the foundation of the Bible so let us assume that for the moment and see if that fits the structure of the various other books including the New testament. (Without completely changing the original intent and meaning).  In Judaism they have a hermeneutic (interpretation) principle using four successive levels called PARDES.  The first level is the literal level.  If we assign this level to the Torah then any successive levels of interpretation must not violate the Torah.  In this the Orthodox Jews are probably correct and we must give them credit.

When it comes to the New Testament there is much confusion as to what hermeneutic should be used to understand its doctrine.  There is the basic replacement theory and the Plural Covenant theory, the preterist theory and the partial preterist theory.   The Roman Catholic Church is the basic organ for the Replacement narrative and concept of faith.  It states that when the Roman system collapsed it reformulated everything and became the New Israel.  Of course there is sketchy evidence for this except that it did happen and so Catholics claim that the evidence is that it is what it is.  However there is a problem.  The Roman system seems to fit the image of the apostate system which grows to fill the earth in the end days called the anti-Christ system.  Many Protestants for instance insist that the “Church” is invisible and known only to God.  Then there are the Muslims which make up the silent majority who say “look at us we actually have a working system”!

The truth is that the principles of faith are not so hard to understand if we simply use a systematic building block approach.  There are academic works documenting the history of the the first Christians which concluded that the early Church kept the liturgical calendar and practices including the dietary laws common among the Jews of which Jesus Christ was one.  This fact should interest us and set forth a staring point in building a consistent Hermeneutic.

If from recorded history we can demonstrate there were Jews who kept the dietary laws and practiced the calendar festivals than perhaps we have one of the most useful of all apologetic for proving the Christian faith to the skeptical.  And if we can demonstrate that few changes need be made to incorporate the Jesus faith then we may have a workable faith system without re-inventing the wheel.

So then our working hypothesis is that the first “Christians” were simply Jews who had come to embrace Jesus as the promised deliverer promised in the Torah and recorded by their ancestors.  The problem is in reconciling the “nations” into this faith paradigm.

This historical chronicle of the transition period is recorded in a book called “The Acts of the Apostles” thought to be written by Luke a disciple of Jesus.  In this book we have several “transitional” scenes which are meant to give explanation as to how this “New Faith” was to be understood.  The result of this transition is a dispute and argument as to the nature of how the new converts to the faith should be treated and accepted.  Understanding these transitional narratives is crucial to understanding what the “New Faith” should be.

Again where the word “Gentile” occurs it is the word “ethnos” in Greek. It is not necessarily to interpret this word to mean “non-Jew”.  If we understand this and understand that the main intent was to regather the “lost sheep” as Jesus suggested then we have a completely different understanding of the transitional period and other considerations.

What we are left with is that Nazarene Christianity as we will call it for now is a sect of Judaism which embraces Jesus in two incarnations.  One incarnation had just taken place fulfilling the first four Levitical feasts of the calendar year and three Levitical feast of the calendar year left and remaining to be fulfilled.  The first four feast correspond to religious fulfillment in symbol and type.  The second three feast having to do with temporal rights of monarchical reign in a restored Kingdom.  This creates for us a summation of the seven Leviticus festivals as prescribed in the Book of Leviticus in the Torah.  Notice what we will now call the Anti-Christ religion or Catholicism (really all Christian faiths which embrace Neo-Platonism are anti-Christ) also has the symbol of both secular and religious faith in the Vatican seal.  This is very important and speaks to the reason Catholics insist that all other faiths must be subservient to the Vatican authority.

The central figures of the New Testament are James, Paul and Peter.  Peter is the guy stuck in the middle who has to figure out what to do with the Goy (Goyim or Gentile) which is not really a problem but to him it is a problem because he does not understand who these people are.  Paul is the guy who is up to speed and gets the job done going to wherever there were Greek speaking Jews and known colonies of Israelite no longer practicing Mosaic Judaism.

So the central question which remains for us to consider is “WHAT TO DO WITH THE GOY!”

The truth is there is not much that needs to be done except to obey and accept the truth of the matter.  If we follow any of the three harlots we are not in alignment with the structure of the true Church.  The true Church is simple the regathering of the two houses of Israel and Judah into “One New Man”.  The scepter of the king resides with the two tribes of Benjamin and Judah which live among the “Jews”.  The right of the land and the promise of fruitfulness lies with the house of Israel or the 10 tribes which fell into idolatry in 722 BC.

As we speak, the problem of racism, hate and bigotry of all kinds argues for a great stew pot of gray goo which we have mentioned before in other blogs.  This is all in alignment with enlightenment philosophy which argues the libertine Masonic platitude of the French Revolution “Liberty, Fraternity and Equality”.  If all men are to be citizens of the kingdom of this philosophy then for sure there should no longer be any national boundaries nor definitions of race creed or color.

So what is the Biblical answer and the answer of this blog?  It is the original Torah prescription.  The moral natural law is contained and exemplified in the Torah.  It gives specific details for observance of every facet of life from birth to death.  Those religious and ceremonial rituals having to do with animal sacrifice can be and have been dispensed with with the blood of Jesus.  Jesus was the unique perfect original first Adam create by the Father (which is God the father) to be the blueprint for all men born and made to conform to his image.  He is also called the last Adam or ruddy red man.

It is beyond the scope of this blog post to explain why all men are not predestined to become children in the final kingdom of God.  In the resurrection those who have pledged themselves to the natural law reveled in the Torah and trust that the penal substitution death of Jesus assures them the hope that they may be resurrected at the end of time.  In this there is no boasting.  No one is “born again” yet.  Born again is a term revering to Resurrection.

It is true that the word Adam means red or “red in the face”.  White men blush.  Non white men have the opportunity through faith to be “adopted” into the faith so there is no problem there.  This solves the race issue.  It would be wise for teachers of the Biblical faith to admit that the white race is the race that Noah was trying to preserve by being “pure in his generations”.  However since his three sons married daughters of mixed race persons all of that has no real significance in a spiritual sense.  Yet the principle is established. It was clearly a story to indicated that all men are NOT created equal and that degeneracy is common no matter who we are.

The Atheists make much ado about suffering.  This is their major claim that the concept of a personal God is not possible considering the kind of “irrational” suffering that goes on in the human experience especially in regard to children.  The assumption of course is that if THEY WERE GOD they would bypass all this in between non-sense where there is pain and suffering and get on with the GOOD STUFF.  Of course if you have ever been around spoiled Children without any kind of discipline or instruction it is not hard to make the analogy to these kinds of persons who think this way.

Simply aligning ones self with the moral guidelines and then trusting that God has accepted the blood of Jesus as a substitute for appeasing his wrath should be a logical and Rational and reasonable solution.

There is no hellfire.  Therefore just the chance to breath and be alive is a gift of life and even more reason to accept the reality of what we have and the meaning of it all.

As we speak there is a great three act play taking place called life.  How you play the game of life is important not only to your eternal fate but the fate of those around you.  Wishing that we were all created equal and with the same talents and gifts does not make it so.

However if you accept your own fallen nature as incarnated in this world and are saddened by its affects you have the choice to be instructed and learn lessons.  The author hereby is convinced that wishing we were all equal is like the poem, “If wishes were horses then beggars would ride”.  It is not going to happen in this life or anytime soon.  Stop protesting your rights or hoping to change other  people you do not know by your secular political arguments.  You are far from perfect and you can not expect society to be any better than you on your worst day.  Forget it.

The Torah prescription is clear that the first “Chosen” people were to separate themselves and live apart from the heathen nations.  This prescription is for the purpose of protecting the children and future generations from barbaric inhuman practices. This includes the systematic culling that the New Atheists will impose should they gain the kind of power they would have over us.  Christians who believe in the separation of Church and State have already given themselves over to being raped and humiliated in the public square.

Those who believe that the United States of America was founded as a Christian nation are the most deluded.  The United States of America was founded by men who believed in the principles of the Enlightenment albeit white men only.  Thomas Jefferson for instance was enlightened as was George Washington.  Voltaire was an agent of the English Monarchy, French philosopher and Masonic Atheist who promoted this RELIGION.

The Orthodox Jews of our day do point the way of separation and in many ways give us an example to follow concerning separation.

Today to be true to these principles one would be drawn to what is called the Hebrew roots movement.  However the Hebrew roots movement does not draw the sharp contrast with Neo-platonic Christendom necessary to separate ones self.  Neo-Platonism is the basis for the doctrine of the Trinity and the idea of being absorbed back into the divine.  This is called theosis.  Theosis is a doctrine of the Orthodox Christian Church.  Most leaders of the Hebrew Roots community align themselves with Evangelicalism.

Evangelicalism is simply warmed over apostate Protestantism which drives its doctrinal structure from the seven Ecumenical Councils.  The seven ecumenical councils are the councils which formulated the doctrine for the Christian Church.  This in itself shows that Christian doctrine is man made giving fuel to the Atheists.  All Christian doctrine which is tainted with doctrine made up in the seven ecumenical councils if suspect.  The only doctrine that can be trusted is the doctrine derived from Torah.

Now the Torah may not be the words described in a literal context.  It may be a collection of writings that were assembled in the time of Ezra the Scribe as proposed by may academics.  However the alternative is to think the heathen ways of child sacrifice are a legitimate alternative.  Keep in mind the ancient Hebrews whoever they were were being called out of a system of heathen idolatry Characterized by ritual child sacrifice.

So like it or not the choices are limited. Ritual Child sacrifice or the sacrifice of the lamb slain before the foundation of the world which God the father has provided?  Human sacrifice was universal  around the world up until and including the time of the first recorded history.  This was only 4500 years ago.  Modern man has existed in his present form as homo sapiens for at least 250 thousand years.  So the problem could go retrograde.  Something to think about.

The honest futurists are not charged with optimism.  They continuously remind us of the problem of limited resources, population explosion and environmental catastrophe. The writers of the Torah circa 500 BC were brilliant thinkers who understood the human dilemma.  If they cooked up this crazy religion with its seven feasts and sacrificial system then they did it in a spectacular way that defies the imagination.  In their “Torah” they say man has invented may devices.  Man has invented many devices the make himself comfortable, dull and arrogant.

To be a real God lover you must lay aside the idea you can fix anyone except for yourself. The principle of sowing and reaping is a New Testament doctrine.  It applies no matter who you are or what you believe.  You sow what you reap.  If you are kind to others especially of the household of faith you get immediate reward in THIS LIFE!  This is what family and marriage are all about.  Family and marriage are a Torah creation.  Without the Torah we would have the institutions of family we see in Islam.  The natural order is that the strongest rule over the weak.

Simply the Bible teaches that all men die because of Adams sin.  We are children of Adam and have his nature.  We do not DESERVE ETERNAL LIFE AND WOULD NOT WANT IT IN THIS CONDITION!  There are no souls that goes to to the floaty place called heaven.  The resurrection into this temporal domain recreated by the Father at some point in the future is the only hope.  The Son (Jesus) does not know this time and neither do you.  Only the father (God) knows this appointed time.

Some final words:

There is a debate as to who are the good guys and who are the bad guys.  Many boil it down to the Catholic Church vs the Free Masons.  See the Plot Against the Church by Maurice Pinay. Another is The War of Antichrist with the Church and Christian Civilization Full Audiobook by George F. DILLON a book written in 1885 by an Irish clergyman, George F. Dillon, DD.  Others say it is the Jesuits vs the Free Masons, an oxymoron but so be it.  It is becoming obvious with the Epstein case and the open admission that there is a such a thing as a deep state that there are secret societies behind governments and isms.  The nature of a secret society is that it is a need to know vehicle.  It goes up but it does not come down.  You can never know what the Oligarchs are planning next. The common folk do not have a chance. These secret societies are entwined in all organizational forms.  The old Presbyterian Calvinists had some grasp on the problem out of Scotland.  Now it is up to the Hebrew roots movement to move away from Neo-Platonism and reform itself.

On Practice and faith.  No one is perfect or without sin as we say.  Many are turning to Eastern Orthodoxy.  Orthodoxy is very clannish and ethnic oriented.  The icons where were an objection in the seventh ecumenical council were inserted at a time when it was an accommodation to the idol worshipers they wished to appeal to.  The Catholic Church adoped the papist rule system in 741 AD.  The Jesuits who were clearly a Templar / Masonic renegade bunch of inherited from the heretic Cathars of Southern France are no exception.  That they were made legal again by papal bull in 1814 should be of no surprise.  Anyone wishing to get more informed on the current state of the Papacy should have to problem finding dirt on the Vatican and its ties with both Masonry and Zionism.  They are all bedfellows.

The bottom line if you feel theology is not your bag try this test.  If they speak of a “mystical” relationship to Jesus they are bypassing the Torah injunctions and going on their intuition and feeling.  This is the reason for so many Churches.  Tradcats or Traditional Catholics have the most ammunition in their arsenal and have no illusion to where dogma comes from.  They also have traditionally supported the family and traditionalism which is vital to the Christian faith and can no exist without.  Look to see the pied piper lead this “Church” to ruin as it tears down all barriers to decency and goodness.

And remember all forms of religion other than traditional Orthodox Judaism and first century Nazarinism are in essence forms of pantheism and are in essence what the Torah calls Idolatry.  The seven laws of Noah advocated by the Chabad-Lubavitch Orthodox Jews with its prohibition against Christian idolatry seems to be a fitting punishment to the true heretics.  We will see.

For the record there is one scholar aware of these fine points and that is Steven Pigeon at Cepher Publishing Group .  But to prevent major attack and ruin Dr. Pigeon (licensed attorney at law in the state of Washington) Dr. Pigeon has to couch his words and remain as inconspicuous as possible.

This is not to impute the average Christian but to make him think.  Where did he get the things he enjoys most like friends and family?  Do we not like being around those who are most like us and have the same values?  Those values are western values and are the values that enabled all the good things we have come to enjoy including modern technology.  Being unselfish is not a norm among Atheists or the true heathen.  It is a norm among real Nazarites.

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